Space Industry Security

There is no 1 system that fits all.

The Space Industry is now growing both in the United Kingdom and around the World, covering Vertical and Horizontal launches; Guidance/Tracking; Control Centres; Research; Recovery.

The Threats to these various operations require systems which exceed the current threats, whether they be via inquisitive/hostile Drones; Industrial/State Sponsored Espionage; unauthorised Visitors.


  • Counter Drone protection to 20KM from centre point
  • Secure Comms


  • Space Port and Infrastructure

Space Industry News

Coverage of NASA’s Artemis Mission to the Moon

Below is a link to the NASA website with coverage of their Artemis Mission to the moon. Please click the button to find out more.

NASA's Artemis

SpaceX’s Starship Launch Test

On March 14th 2024, Starship returned to integrated flight testing with its third launch from Starbase in Texas. Find out more through the link below. 

SpaceX Starship Launch