These were first published more than 60 years ago as a means to identify the Cartridges in our Collection in a very cost-effective manner, as the Ink and Paper to photograph every Round would have been prohibitive.

Over the years, the number and format of the CCAC Catalogues became broader and Collectors around the world started to Trade the Catalogues as items in their own right.

Over the past year, the Team at Conjay have updated and digitized more than 450 pages of content into a comprehensive Portfolio of Catalogues, which are now available for Sale (in our E-Shop). So whether you want to focus on just 1 area of Collecting or want the entire Collection, these are now available to view on your screen.

In the future we hope to include Podcasts and Videos from our Ammunition Expert on some choice Cartridges.

There are currently 17 Catalogues available:

  1. Sporting/Commercial Revolver & Handgun Cartridges
  2. Sporting/Commercial Semi &Automatic Pistol Cartridges
  3. Sporting/Commercial American “Inch” Rifle Cartridges
  4. Sporting/Commercial British “Inch” Rifle Cartridges
  5. Sporting/Commercial Metric (All) Rifle Cartridges
  6. Combustible, Patent Ignition, Pinfire & Rimfire Cartridges
  7. Military Revolver, (semi) Automatic Pistol & Handgun Cartridges
  8. Military .303”, Experimental & Allied Cartridges
  9. Military Pre-NATO, NATO, Post-NATO & Experimental Cartridges
  10. Military Post NATO, .223”/5.56mm & Experimental Cartridges
  11. Military Czarist, Soviet, Russian & East Bloc Cartridges
  12. Military 7.9mm Kurz, 7.9mm, 7.92mm & Related Cartridges
  13. Military U.S. Small Arms (Rifle & Machine Gun) & Cannon Cartridges
  14. Military Obsolete Metric Rifle & Machine Gun Cartridges
  15. Military Obsolete Black Powder Rifle & Machine Gun Cartridges
  16. Military Heavy Machine Gun Cartridges (Less than 20mm)
  17. Military Cannon Cartridges (20mm & above)