Armour & Ballistic Ammunition

CONJAY is the Number 1 supplier of Armour Piercing & Ballistic Testing Ammunition in the World, with over 10,000 different natures available

Our clients comprise Manufacturers
(Body Armour, Helmets, Ballistic Plates, Fabrics, Glass, Steel, Composites, C.I.T., Banks, Vehicles, Helicopters, Bunkers/Reinforced Structures)

National and Private Research Laboratories/Test Ranges;

UK Government and Overseas Governments Armed Forces approved via UK Export License.

12 o Clock

23mm Gah-23 APT
12.7mm x 108 B-32 API
12.7mm x 108 BZT-44 APIT

3 o Clock

14.5mm x 114 PZ IT

6 o Clock

14.5mm x 114 BS-41 APIHC
14.5mm x 114 B-32 API
5.45mm x 39 PS Ball
5.45mm x 39 T-74 Tracer
7.62mm x 39 PS Ball
7.62mm x 39 YS Silencer
7.62mm x 39 BZ API
7.62mm x 39 Type 56 API

9 o Clock

7.62mm x 54 L Ball
7.62mm x 54 LPS Ball
7.62mm x 54 T-46 Tracer
7.62mm x 54 B-32 API
12.7mm x 108 BS APIHC


5.7mm x 28 SS190 Ball
5.56mm x 45 P96 AP
7.62mm x 51 P186 API
.50” Browning AP M2
7.62mm x 51 80 AP
.30” AP M2

We Supply the following Ammunition types:

  • Service:
  • Armour Piercing – (AP, API, APIT, Steel Core, Hard Core, Tungsten),
  • Ball
  • Blank
  • Energy
  • Tracer
  • Sporting : .13” to 4 Bore
  • Ballistic Test Standards: STANAG, NIJ, BS, EN, AS, GOST and others

In the unlikely event we don’t have what you need:

  • We have a vast range of Contacts garnered over 70 years,
  • From Ceremonial Brass Cannons to Artillery,
  • Medium to Mortars,
  • Whether the Munitions you require are Local, East Bloc or from another Continent,
  • Current, Surplus or Obsolete