CONJAY has for over 60 years been the No. 1 Supplier of AMMUNITION for Armour and Ballistics Trials with almost 10,000 varieties in-stock, covering

All the International Test Standards i.e. STANAG, NIJ, GOST, HOSDB etc.

Obsolete, rare and current Munitions; from 5.45mm PSM to 155mm.

Conjay’s R&D capabilities include:

CBAP -9mm x 19/.357” Mag AP (penetrates Armour Plate).

CBXX -9mmx19 dumps all its energy on Impact.

CAMR -.30” extreme penetration system potential 4500f/s+

ABPC is a Bullet “Pulling” Machine which is ideally suited to Ballistics Ranges & Armour Laboratories, the Mk1 is for 14.5mm x 114 and the Mk2 for 5.56mm/7.62mm/12.7mm.

C-UGV/Robotics – Bespoke Solutions.

CONJAY provide experienced Project Management for Police, Military, Counter-Terrorism, Armour/Ballistics & Official Requirements; so just 1 Contract & 1POC.

Conjay represent the following companies in the UK:

Mistral Detection: EXPENS, EXPRAY, Drug/Explosive Test Kits, Blast Resistant Containers, Wolfttracker, Battery Transit Containers

Bofors Test Center: Demil and Destruction of Munitions and Explosives

McTech: IED and UAV Jammers, Phone/Eavesdropping, Secure Comms

Supergum: CBRN Masks, Ventilators, Protective Clothing

ISO9001.2015 , CYBER ESSENTIALS, DEFCON, DUNS, SAM Registered and Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award.

Membership: ADS, BTK, C-EO UK, GTA, Worshipful Co. Gunmakers

Explosive Test Kits

Conjay Design Bureau