EXPRAY Kit – Explosives Detection & Identification

The EXPRAY Kit is the Top-Spec Explosives Detection kit comprising a variety of Aerosol-Sprays and Dropper Bottles that detects the major Explosives encountered within the C-IED/C-EO Theatre. They are NATO certified and are used by the British Army, US DoD, IDF, Major Armies, United Nations and POLICE Counter-Terrorism Forces globally. They work by providing a clear chemical colour reaction to identify which Explosive is detected. EXPRAY is quick, simple and easy to use; it comes in a Fitted Case (c/w 3xSprays, 2xCollection Papers, 1xVerification Papers, Colour Chart and Instructions).


  • Clear, Simple and Quick Test results in seconds
  • Sensitivity to the nanogram level
  • 2 Year Shelf-Life
  • Used globally in all climates and seasons
  • No Batteries or Maintenance Required

Explosive Test

Aerosol 1 Polynitro-Aromatics: e.g., TNT, DNT, Picric Acid, DDNP
Aerosol 2 Nitrate-Esters; Nitramines: e.g., Semtex; RDX/C4; HMX; PETN
Aerosol 3 Inorganic Nitrate Compounds: e.g. ANFO, Ammonium Nitrate


  • Detection of explosive compounds in combat theatres
  • Testing of suspicious packages or objects at check points
  • EOD operations
  • Confirming K-9 alerts
  • Analysis of post-blast explosions