Exo-Skeleton Load Systems

The Conjay Ultrageniq range of Exo-Skeleton Load Baring Systems allow Operators to enhance their Strength, Stamina and Capabilities within a variety of Industries. Depending on the requirements, extra lifting power/endurance of
working operations/increased ability to multi-task. These systems will improve fatigue recovery and provide a positive benefit to the Health and Safety of each User. No longer the realm of Sci-Fi, these Units can be purchased today.


  • 10 to 65KG of supported weight/load bearing
  • Lower Limb Boost
  • Waist Boost
  • Upper Limb Boost
  • Combo of Waist, Lower & Upper Limb
  • Seating System


  • Oil and Mining Operations
  • Industrial and Logistics
  • Military, Police & Prison Operations
  • Fire and Rescue