Conjay Anti Materiel Rifle

Conjay Anti Materiel Rifle is a total concept of both Ammunition and Rifle. A Tungsten Carbide Projectile travelling at almost 4000 fps is extremely effective on impact. 43mm of Armoured Plate defeated!

Key Features:

  1. 3800 f/s and 45mm Armour Plate penetration
  2. VIP Cars, Aircraft and Train Windows can be penetrated, with minimal collateral damage.
  3. Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles vulnerable e.g. BRDM-2, BMP-2
  4. Different applications determined by projectile e.g. APHC, APEI, Tracer etc
  5. Man-Portable much lighter than a .50″ Browning Barrett, 14.5mm Destroyer or quivalent.
.300″ H&H Ball .300″ H&H FFV
Projectile Weight Grains 185 grains 125 grains
Velocity 3300 f/s 3800 f/s
Armour Plate Penetration 10mm 43mm
VIP Armoured Windscreen Did Not Test Front and Rear