CBAP – Rifle in your Sidearm

  1. CBAP behaves like an Anti-Tank round.. It pauses then punctures through the Armour.
  2. The Ammunition functions in a SMG / Pistol with no stoppages.
  3. Dynamit Nobel partnered with Conjay, then Mesko took over.
  4. CBAP will be manufactured in the USA

Key Features:

  1. 5mm Armoured Plate will defeat Rifles in 5.56mm / 7.62mm Ball; Not CBAP.
  2. Current US Army Light Armoured Vehicles defeat able e.g. LAV-25 (4.71mm Plate in sections), HUMVEE, FLYER 60/72; VIP Armoured Cards Manufactured to just STANAG 1.
  3. It defeats Level 4 Body Armour / Helmet.
  4. Causes “plugs” of steel to sheer away from rear of Armour-Plate causing 2ndry damage.
  5. No need to buy a new weapon system (e.g. Blackout), so saving to utilise what you have.
  6. Makes the otherwise redundant 9mm Sidearm a viable defence.
  7. Listed in Janes and a known “Brand-Name” within the SF Community
9mm x 19 4” Barrel 9mm x 19 10” Barrel .357” Mag 6”
.357” Mag 10” Barrel
Projectile Weight Grains 85 grains 85 grains 85 grains 85 grains
Velocity 430 f/s 495 f/s 640 f/s 690 f/s
3.5mm Brinell 480-530 / Rockwell 52 Plate Penetrated Penetrated Penetrated Penetrated
5.6mm Brinell 480-530 / Rockwell 52 Plate No Test Plugged No Test Penetrated
Kevlar Sheets 80 100 120 140
Defeat Creamic Plate Partial YES Partial YES