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Forensic Crime Kits (or FTK)

For inexpensive, simple and proven detection and confirmation!

CONJAY Forensic Crime Kits (manufactured by Mistral) have just appeared on the scene to aid in the detection of other Criminal Activities.

What can you detect?

The FTK detects the following Drugs

Iron Residue (e.g. Knife etc.)
Fingerprints on porous, light colored surfaces
Unauthorised Contact (e.g. Filing Cabinet, Computer etc.)




(i)    Just spray the suspect's hand with Ferrotrace Spray.

(ii)   The imprint of any metal object will appear in seconds.


(i)     Spray Nin + Ultra Spray onto porous surface (e.g. Documents)

(ii)    Wait 30 minutes.

(iii)   Observe resulting fingerprints and then photograph or lift etc.


(i)      Spray UV Trap Spray onto non-porous 'object' (e.g. Filing Cabinet or Computer etc).

(ii)     Leave 'object' until you suspect that it has been touched by an unauthorised person. 

(iii)    Shine UV Light on suspect's palms for stain.


The basic FTK comprises the following items, all convieniently fitted into a plastic carrying case.

1 unit Ferrotrace Spray , 1 unit Nin + Ultra Spray, 1 unit UV Trap Spray,

1 unit UV Light


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Examining Envelopes, Jiffy-Bags and Packets


(i)    Spray onto an envelope or small packet.

(ii)   Examine the contents inside.

(iii)  When  the spray dries off it leaves no residue or evidence that it has been used.